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Key Features

  • Realtime dashboard on the status of the absentee ballot processing.
  • Facilitates easy search options to handle FOIA/Open Records requests from the voters or other stakeholders post election.
  • Provides the link to the source copy of the documents sent by the voter for easy reference and validation.

Signature Capture

  • Digitizes absentee ballot request forms and ballot envelopes, and makes it available for the election team after tying it to the voter database.
  • Shows all the absentee ballot request forms that are scanned, and displays voter information in conjunction with D/L (required by GA law).
Research Paper


Absentee Ballot Status

  • Enables election teams to input response notes, and track all requests with timestamps, to ensure transparency in the entire process.
  • Reduces the search processing time of absentee ballot related queries post election and empowers the election teams.