Search Databases, Files, Web and E-Mails

Securely access from anywhere, anytime through any device

Role based Search enabling FOIA compliance

You are the master orchestrator
in this Ad Infinitum Search

What It Does

LGA Search connects to all data platforms and brings back results quickly and efficiently.

Adheres to Government regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, GLBA, Open Records Act for investigations, violation inquiry, disciplinary procedures, lawsuits, etc.

Search structured and unstructured data sources from an integrated console.

Easy configuration to access ERP, salesforce, websites, cloud folders, databases securely and seamlessly.

How It Benefits You

Local Government Agencies can search their disparate systems easily and assit their constituents in a timely manner.

Makes it easy to retrieve from myriad databases, application repositories and file folders

Integrate with any relational database using LGASearch (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, etc.) and retrieve the required information in seconds!

Built-in ML/AI modules makes it intitutive and provides recommendations for users and enhancing their search experience.

Key Features


Interactive Filters

Faceted Search

Filter Enrichments


Audio Search

Semantic Enrichment

Multimedia Search

Custom Export

Search Console

LGA Search Features