Post Covid-19 - Challenges for IT

Remote work, WFH (Work from Home), flexible workplaces have become a reality and more than 60% of workforce in the Post Covid-19 world utilize one of the above means to perform their tasks outside their office. To enable a secure and reliable infrastructure, and to support the above increase in demand for remote work, IT departments work very hard and tirelessly. Some of the primary challenges include:-

  • User requirements vary depending on their roles and one size doesn't fit all
  • Common method to enable WFH is to provide VPN access and it comes with lot of security risks, insufficient bandwidth, lack of MDM tools, capacity issues, and need to provide laptops to employees
  • 2FA solutions like Google authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy, CryptoPhoto have become common and they have to be integrated in a seamless way to ensure the right person is signing in to the network
  • Support teams are too stretched and find it hard to patch, maintain the remote end points that affects end user productivity
  • Desktop Virtualization or Application virtualization are some good alternative options but industry leaders like VMWARE, Citrix are expensive and often require significant support infrastructure


Sonline team provides the network analysis, security review, solution design and implementation support to implement VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in a seamless manner. We are vendor agnostic and help you choose the right partner based on your needs. Our experts are very savvy and review your existing infrastructure, look for optimal solutions ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations, and definitely prioritize ease of implementation and look for cost savings. VDI offers a secure virtual environment for users and they can connect from literally anywhere from a browser interface.

Agnostic Approach to VDI

Sonline Team works with your internal team in the entire process and we utilize the time tested approach :

  • Best Practice Enterprise Discovery, Tools analysis and compare leading solutions (including VMWARE, Citrix, Hyper V, Nutanix, Hive IO, Red Hat) for your environment and find the best match
  • Work with the infrastructure team (after needs analysis) and help decide on the solution that provides the maximum value
  • We often find that Server virtualization solutions (like VMWARE / Hyper V) may not be the right option for VDI or Application virtualization initiatives
  • Organizations are often reluctant to VDI due to perceived concerns about cost, complexity and high maintenance
  • We consider security, capacity, sizing, originating device, bandwidth limitations in end-user location, redundancy, and end-user experience during the solution design process and recommend the right solution for your team
  • We provide Project Management support, vendor coordination, and help you complete the project on-time and within budget

Traditional end-point comparison with VDI

Our experience working with government agencies, law firms, manufacturing organizations over the years helps us to create customized analysis for your environment. We can accurately show your CIO / CFO the benefit of choosing one solution over the other and sometimes we can get the best price from a vendor leveraging our contacts.