Bridging Silos & Building Transparency

Local Governments play a vital role in empowering self governance in the respective school districts, cities, townships and counties. They are important cogs in the governance wheel and ensure critical services like 911, 811, health, fire and police are delivered to people across the country. During these uncertain times like Covid-19, services of local government agencies are so critical as the poor and needy depend on them. This could be in the form of TANF (Temporary assistance for needy families), school meals, shelters, free Covid-19 testing, CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and so much more. Unemployment benefits are offered by the state, and the federal government has set up a website to serve the people.

In addition to the service programs, local governments also ensure regulation, create and implement local ordinances, levy taxes like SPLOST (Special purpose local option sales tax) for development, promote the local economy, create job opportunities, handle permits, collect property taxes, issue parking tickets, regulate traffic, provide water, gas and so much more.

Our country has 38,779 general purpose governments and 51,296 special districts as of the 2017 Economic Census. Most of these government organizations are independent and governed locally by elected officials or commissioners. Technology has revolutionized local government agencies in terms of services delivery. "Sonline helps internal IT teams to handle challenges related to SQL databases, Applications integration involving Tyler Munis, ArcGIS, PaymentUs, Infinite Campus, 911, etc. We also address e-learning & e-mentoring challenges through our Edukaud platform"

Consulting support for Key Solutions

  • Tyler Munis for ERP
  • ESRI ArcGIS for Property Matting with plugins for 911
  • WinGAP for CAMA (computer aided mass appraisal)
  • LaserFiche for Document Management
  • Paymentus for Utility Bills
  • Infinite Campus, Powerschool for Student Information System
  • ... and many more applications developed with specific objectives.

We help Local governments to handle challenges when information needs to be shared between all these different applications and databases.

Application Integration

Our team's experience enabling application integration spans two decades and some of our projects include:

  • Development of a SSIS / ETL program to move data from Wingap to ESRI GIS
  • Custom API / Web Services layer on DB2 legacy system to facilitate a third-party application integration
  • Creation of a responsive, mobile friendly UX to search a legacy records management system satisfying FOIA / Open Records requirements
  • Java / Python application design that bridges Tyler MUNIS and Paymentus to facilitate proper processing of water bills
  • iOS / Android solution that helps municipal authorities easily receive feedback
  • COVID-19 questionnaire and dashboard that ties back to the MDM (Master Data Management) by constituent geographical data

Search | Visualization | Dashboards

  • Single User Interface to search data spanning disparate systems with various data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL)
  • Development of an executive dashboard showing key statistics from Tyler Munis ERP
  • County Government ITSM / ITAM Dashboard visualizing service desk statistics
  • Economic development trends dashboard
  • Unified Search for State Department linking elections, PLB and corporation data sources