Development Lifecycle

Sonline team works with customers closely throughout the development life cycle starting from the ideation process all the way to successful delivery and beyond. Our ability to see through the challenge on hand is well respected and we partner with customer resources to leverage the existing resources [be it Infrastructure, Human capital, or application interfaces]

Digital transformation is happening across the industry and organizations are taking full advantage of advancements in the areas of mobility, cloud and data analytics. We work with customers to put together a road map as any change from status quo affects the bottom line.

We consider business factors that includes budget allocation, customer lifetime value, Return on Investment, Marketing spend, Competitive Advantage, Stakeholder expectations, End User satisfaction, Capacity management, Training and Recurring costs

Sonline provides an accelerator framework (CREATE) that helps organizations to define, plan, develop and succeed in their transformation projects creating tremendous value. Our framework helps customers to reflect on their current need and go through an objective analysis. This process saves significant human capital and also provides an opportunity to critically evaluate projects prior to spending budget dollars.

CREATE framework is a proven methodology that helps organizations to take a deep dive into their requirement and determine their next course of action. Sometimes, senior leaders want to push through their vision that may not fully integrate with other applications in the ecosystem. You may have noticed some companies stuck with multiple applications for different business units doing the same thing (task or function) and try to connect those competing systems for Corporate reporting. Our methodology helps to handle such scenarios and helps you utilize development resources towards mission critical projects.

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