LeadTalks is your virtual companion to network meetings, conferences, customer appointments and events. It helps you to document your takeaways, be it text, photos, voice or video, from the meeting in a seamless, easy to use way utilizing your smart device. The data can then be recalled on-demand conveniently from the online platform or through the mobile app.

LeadTalks helps you schedule & track appointments, scan business cards, manage and categorize leads, transcribes voice notes, capture pictures or videos, view success metrics, and analyze team performance. LeadTalks’ shadow CRM feature helps salespeople to control the sharing of their data with the team or keeping it private only to them.

By utilizing LeadTalks we see on the average a 30% increase in additional data collected after meetings and events. No more missing business cards, scribbled cryptic notepads, or generic email campaigns. Focus your sales efforts on qualified leads by using contextual information and improve your closing ratio.

Harnessing the power of Amazon & IBM cloud services, LeadTalks accompanies you and your team worldwide.

Maximize your marketing ROI using LeadTalks.

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Industry reports point out that organizations spend close to 8% of their annual revenue on promoting their products and services. The major part of this budget is allocated for tradeshows, conferences and exhibitions. Most often, information collected during tradeshows like business cards, scribbled notes, digital content and contact database is in multiple locations causing a disconnect between internal teams. LeadTalks brings it together and makes it easy for the marketing department to initiate follow up campaigns and realize Tradeshow ROI.

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