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The Live Events industry has maintained the status quo for a very long time. Organizers are afraid to change or sometimes they are so dependent on the registration companies and badge printing companies. It is very difficult for organizations to handle the technology integration needs of current day events that include.

  • Event Website
  • Online Registration
  • Online Payment processing (for paid events)
  • Digital Confirmation with QR Code
  • Ticket Kiosk and Badge Printing
  • Event Sessions, Speakers and Schedules
  • Event App
  • Attendee Feedback
  • Sponsor / Exhibitor demand for Lead Retrieval solutions
  • Event Collaboration
  • Social media integration and monitor #hashtags
  • Dashboard and Event Analytics
Sonline Eventforz

Event registration
Pre-event marketing

Kiosk check-in
Event map
Session management

Attendee engagement
Lead retrieval
Moment capture

Post-event follow-up
Event ad revenue

Social media
Event analytics

Sample Screens

Eventforz provides an integrated ecosystem addressing the above needs. Eventforz helps organizers to satisfy and often thrill the sponsors & attendees and make their event experience memorable. It helps exhibitors with easy lead retrieval, record voice/video notes, sync with their Salesforce CRM, and provides web access for post-event follow-ups. Our app enables attendees to view session information, comment on speakers, check out vendor information, monitor event #hashtag feed, capture special moments and share them on social platforms.

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