Digital Transformation Framework

Customer : Can you please replace this solution? This causes lot of trouble, shuts down quite often.

Sonline Engineer : We will certainly assist you. Let me run it through the CREATE framework.

Customer : What is CREATE framework?

Sonline Engineer : We validate salient aspects of your current software solution / process, business value, stakeholder inputs to advise on the best next step.

Customer : I have not seen anyone say NO to new development opportunity.

Sonline Engineer : We are committed to provide the Right Advice and most often it is on our dime. We truly appreciate your consideration..!

Customer : Thanks so much..!

Sonline CREATE Framework

Philosophy - We believe that customer challenges should be approached with open mind. IT vendors need to approach them in creative ways to address ongoing challenges. We developed the CREATE framework to support the Digital transformation process as we partner with customers in their journey.

Common challenges - User adoption issues, Missing tribal knowledge, Internal resistance, Has Performance issues, Not modern, Not scalable, Built with legacy software, UX / UI issues, Not maintainable, No vendor support.

Solution - Apply it through the CREATE framework.

Consolidate - Evaluate if the functionality can be included in a related system through code consolidation.

Re-Engineer - Develop a Bespoke software solution with latest technology tools for the functionality.

Evolve - Don’t try to solve all the issues. Take a phased approach to evolve the desired solution.

Adopt - Acclimatize user community to the new system using Big Bang, Phased or Parallel implementation.

Trash - Advise the customer to discontinue using the system and provide alternate ways to handle the user requirement.

Endure - Ask the customer to wait for a defined period of time as you research on the right next step.

CREATE framework is attune with the “Customer First” approach that results in significant time savings and valuable budget dollars delivering maximum value.