About Us

Sonline LLC is your technology partner, providing bespoke software solutions to clients who need more efficient ways to manage and analyze their critical business data. Based in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, we have helped several businesses, educational institutions, and governments across the country in their IT needs.

We handle client needs ranging from Strategic IT consulting, Digital transformation Best Practices, IT Security, Roadmaps and Database services. We assist in executing agile development production cycles to build and launch custom mobile apps, platform migrations, cloud computing initiatives, Big Data analytics solutions, and a whole lot more.

In addition to custom software development and integration solutions, Sonline has also developed and brought to market several that can benefit nearly every business, including a unified search platform designed to quickly search for data across multiple platforms. Learn more about our enterprise search and analytics platform at https://sonline.us/lga-search

Sonline is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our team is available 24/7/365 to ensure that your mission-critical systems are operational and accessible. We believe that technology exists for the sake of business and not the other way around. We use this philosophy in each of our projects to ensure that our clients are receiving the maximum benefit from our software development projects.

Over the years we have served the industry leaders likes of AAA®, UPS, Siemens, Macys as well as multi-national companies like Sortimo, Surya, and Southern States LLC. We are a proud partner of GMIS International and associated with their chapters in many states to assist local government agencies. Our LGASearch acceleration platform is a testimony to our commitment to the cause of Local Government success.

We have another partner in the form of IAEE (International Association of Events and Exhibitors) and have served several of their members in the Events sector and Promotional Products industry. Many of their members leverage our solutions Eventforz (Tradeshow automation) and LeadTalks (Customer Relationship Management).

Our team is available to consult, design your project roadmap, and bring your ideas into reality.

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