Sonline | What we do


Sonline is your technology solutions partner and we work for your success. We ensure complete customer satisfaction and nothing short of it. Our global workforce are available 24x7 providing IT services to keep your environment up & running.

We strongly believe that Technology exists for the sake of business and not the other way around. We advise customers on IT Strategy, Roadmap, Best Practices, Application Migration, and Cloud initiatives. Our team has delivered several Big Data, Mobile Apps and BI / Analytics solutions.


We work with customers closely throughout the development life cycle starting from the ideation process all the way to successful delivery and beyond. Our ability to see through the challenge on hand is well respected and we partner with customer resources to leverage the existing resources [be it Infrastructure, Human capital, or application interfaces]

Digital transformation is happening across the industry and organizations are taking full advantage of advancements in the areas of mobility, cloud and data analytics. We work with customers to put together a roadmap as any change from status quo affects the bottom line. Business factors that needs to be considered include budget limitations, stakeholder expectations, customer satisfaction, capacity management, and training.

Sonline provides an accelerator framework that helps organizations to define, plan, develop and succeed in their transformation projects creating tremendous value.

Before we take up any process for Digital transformation, we put it through our CREATE framework that helps in the decision process to Consolidate, Re-engineer, Evolve, Adopt, Trash or Endure the existing methodology. This saves not only budget dollars but also precious time as organizations work on projects that deliver maximum value.

Once the customer determines that existing system needs to be changed or modified to accommodate their end user needs, we advise them on the best strategy to move forward. We strongly believe that 'Technology exists for the sake of business and not the other way around' and our recommendations follow Best Practices that would save costs and provide maximum benefit to the organization.

Digital Transformation

Research, Advisory, consulting, and strategic roadmap to replace archaic processes and succeed in digitization efforts.

iOS / Android apps

Take your business to the next level by creating intuitive mobile apps with seamless integration enabled by REST API / Web Services.

Responsive Web Design

With 78% of your customers across the globe utilizing Smart devices, it is imperative to build HTML5 web applications and we make it easy.

BI / Dashboards

Say goodbye to the boring static reports and re-imagine data to see insights that supports decision process and delight your stakeholders.

Enterprise Search

Build a custom Google for your organization. Use our framework to search office documents, PDF, Emails, XLS and relational databases.

Application Integration

Create a new enterprise where your applications talk to each other effectively through API, Web Services, backend routines, daemons, etc.

AWS / Azure Cloud Services

We make your migration to cloud simple and effective utilizing our DevOps tools. Initially we assess, then automate and finally maintain your cloud assets.

Machine Learning

Descriptive [what has happened], Predictive [What could happen] and Prescriptive [what should happen] analytics will be in your fingertips.