Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and other social sites have become part & parcel of our lives. Organizations require advisory services to adapt to inbound marketing, and also help in integrating existing applications to work with the social sites.

Sonline helps in this arena making it simple for the companies to appeal to citizens [particularly Millennials]

  • Facebook, Google Authentication and Integration
  • SEO analysis for websites and recommendations
  • Social analytics / Customer sentiment analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence



Industry projects 11.6 Mobile [Billion] Devices by 2020 and it is very important for organizations to focus on mobility. Experts say more than 70% of decision makers access marketing information [email, messages, search, collaboration] from their smart phones & tablets. This makes it imperative to make the websites, applications responsive & mobile friendly.

Sonline helps in the following mobility initiatives

  • Advisory services
  • HTML5 based mobile front end for existing applications
  • Solution architecture
  • Point solutions & Native Apps in iOS, Android

Some industry solutions that we have provided include [Sales force Automation] & [Retail Automation]



“Facebook / Google knows more about you than your family” – Life in a connected world is completely different from the human lives of previous generations. Customer sentiment analysis, predictive models have become common requirements before a new product / service launch. Government organizations use data analytics to reduce crime rates, regulate power, avoid traffic jams, etc.

Sonline helps you with

  • Text Analytics – Collect, refine, categorize and filter data from various sources including email, databases, or even large XLS files
  • Social Analytics – Perform sentiment analysis, feature analysis, demographic analysis, and even create competitive matrix by reviewing social feed



AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud services providers have disrupted the market in a big way. Cloud solutions provides innovation, agility and scale as customers don’t have to deal with legacy systems and high maintenance costs. Reduced energy costs, major human resource savings, almost zero loss provisioning and replacement of CAPEX with OPEX , people don’t need any justification to adapt cloud solutions.

Sonline helps with

  • Choosing the right cloud partner, Advisory services
  • Migration support from the current legacy system to cloud platforms
  • Remote support and maintenance of cloud assets and applications

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