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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Are you planning for the Digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the profound change of processes, activities, competencies and models to fully leverage the opportunities of digital technologies like Mobility, Cloud, Internet of Things [IoT], and Big Data in a strategic way. A successful implementation of this effort requires cross-functional coordination of executive leadership, marketing and sales, and IT members. Sonline helps organizations go through this transformation process in a systematic way by providing the right guidance, innovation, partnership and support.

Digital Transformation is happening!

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Process Automation

Are you still stuck with paper based manual processes?

We often see paper based application forms, feedback forms, challans(?), printed reports, manual, file based workflows in organizations. Human resources are wasted in doing mundane, repetitive processes, and departments are mired with inefficiencies. Love for Status Quo is the fundamental reason for this situation, and sometimes internal staff members hesitate to bring up the need to change, and resist change. Sonline fills the gap and works effectively with the stakeholders to analyze, design, build and deliver value driven automated solutions.

Process Automation

Improve efficiencies and save human resources!

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Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems

Are you worried about legacy systems impacting the bottom line?

Organizations that have been running applications for more than 2 decades suffer from the disadvantages that accompany legacy systems. Aging hardware, Terminal screens / UX issues, Security considerations, Dependent software, client DLL errors, and expensive maintenance & support are common problems of legacy business systems. Even though IT leaders wish to transition out to modern Cloud or Mobile applications, they are challenged by migration related issues and limitations of in-house resources. Sonline works with those leaders and their team and develops a roadmap for successful transition and lines up development partners to support the efforts.

Legacy systems do have shelf life and it may be time!

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Application Integration

Do you have Enterprise applications that do not talk to each other?

Many organizations must deal with myriad applications, and varied databases that do not talk to each other. Some vendors are very secretive about their information, they store and often hide the schema, data dictionary and API stacks making it difficult for other systems to connect & share. Sonline helps to clear the clutter and comes up with solutions that makes application integration seamless. We develop daemon (?) processes for backend data integration, web services, and routines for instantaneous data sync. We do work with application vendors and enable custom interfaces, or build database views for user consumption.

Application Integration

Interoperability is essential for growth!

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Are you stuck with XLS / PDF / Static reports?

Do you still wait for your secretary / direct reports to provide you with performance reports, sales charts and customer analysis? Do you use XLS extensively for data analysis? Do you like to print and mark with highlighter?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, it is time to look at the BI / Analytics advancements in the industry. We can connect to any data source, gather required information to create insights that will help you to make decisions faster. Sonline specializes in building business intelligence dashboards using tools such as Microsoft BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.

We have also created Industry specific KPI metrics that serves as accelerators in the development of Executive dashboards.

Interactive dashboards are REAL!

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