Home Enhance

Image Rotator Banner

Create a slideshow banners upto 5 graphics.

The first thing that potential customers or visiting your website are going to notice is the huge banner that slides in a rhythmic sync after every few seconds. A lot of your business is made explicit in those few seconds that the banner is sliding to and fro. Sonline.us prefers that you have uniquely created images that speak volumes regarding your business to be circulated. Most of the images in the banner need to be high resolution ones but these slack down the speed of your website. We suggest you have high resolution pictures without the heaviness on the site.

Shipping Estimator

Equip your site to display estimated shipment arrival date.

Every major eStore website now has a shipping estimator – time duration when the product / service is purchased and reaches the customers. The intermittent stages when the product is dispatched and hops through different points before reaching the customers – is recorded and relayed to the customers based on the live updates and status of their packages. Soline.us prefers that you should have a shipping estimator plugin with your website specifically if it is an eStore. Your customers would love to know where the package that they had ordered is and live status symbolizes that you care regarding the purchase that has been done.

Feature Products Slider

Highlight your featured products by putting them on a scroll.

Nothing sells better than additional products or related products that a customer can use apart from their purchase. To put a good thought into a visitor or a probable customer’s mind is to make sure that they can peruse more of your products. You can have a slider in which most of the show-stopper products of your website on this product slider. This need not be part of the home page. It can be run as a finite design pattern of your eStore Product page or a side-bar in all pages. Sonline.us brings a variety of options wherein Feature products can be rotated in proper sync.

Graphic Categories

Graphics to represent upto 15 product categories on your estore.

Move away plain – Jane categories – it is time for showing them up on your website in more interactive and colorful designs. Graphic categories symbolize what the particular category stands out for. Instead of simply keeping your categories in plain English language, it is a better option that you have proper emblems or symbols done for your categories. It seems more fun and interactive rather than have dull and boring lines across the website. Properly designed images / vectors make your categories look more inviting and users may want to go through your website more. Due to the efficient designs of your categories, it makes customers to dig deeper in your website.

Popup for Newsletter

Tab pops up soliciting the user to sign up for Newsletter.

A newsletter is a way to communicate to your customers and visitors that there exists your business. Many of your customers want to get latest updates regarding change in your product portfolio and what all new additions and deletions you would have done. It is essential that you prompt the customers to go for the newsletter. The popup box is one of the most essential features of your eStore. You are going to give your customers the benefit of getting to know more about your business through your newsletter. Popup box designs too have to be of the same nature as the rest of the website but it needs to be flashier and more attractive so that customers are prompted to buy.

Customized Pages

Customized design for upto 10 inner pages.

What works better is than internal pages of your website that are custom designed. Though readymade templates are there on the internet – almost the entire world seems to be using them. Sonline.us encourages you that you should be having your own custom-made design and for the internal pages too so that your design stands out as different and also is user friendly. The lesser hassle for your customers, the better feel they get regarding coming to your website. Customers like coming back to websites that are friendly and do not cause a lot of confusion.

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