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eStore Facelift – Responsive Theme

Professional custom responsive theme designed, developed & uploaded to your estore.


Website designs have come way forward from just being looking good on your normal computers or laptops. Facelift is much important when it comes to making your website available for devices and mobile devices. Most of the websites on the internet have ditched their traditional practices to ensure that their website looks real good no matter on which device it is opened. Converting your existing theme into a responsive theme is essential considering that you don’t know what device your customer is using and how many such customers are there. eStore Facelift is our specialty; we give an exquisite turnaround to your theme so that it looks not only fresh but also is compatible with every device in the market. All you have to do is pick the design of your choice; we change its appearance!

eStore Facelift

Professional custom design, develop & upload your estore, including Buttons redesign.

It is time to side step the conventional design standards of your website – almost everyone has the same in the market. Going for unique designs makes you apart from the rest of the crowd. Generally, you get ready templates in the market which you can download and make a website out of your own elements. does custom designs for your eStore. The custom design is also compatible with the rest of the devices so that it looks elegant and also goes in accordance with the theme and type of business. If your eStore has gone the traditional way, it is time to give your website the advantage of a customized facelift and bring your eStore to the world and make it available to more of your customers.

Integrate Live chat by mylivechat

Integrating a live chat help on your website.

Believe in your website; there are many people visiting them daily. But the best part would be asking your visitors to stay back for a small chat. Integration of live chat is one of “must-haves” in any industry. People would like to get immediate answers to some of their queries. It is best that you are there for them when they knock at the website. Mylive Chat enables your potential to leave you a message or query or best is that you can chat with them directly and address their queries and concerns. helps you to convert visitors into potential customers through a simple chat integration.

Mobile Store Design

Leverage m-commerce by creating a mobile compliant estore.

Have a custom page designed that blinks and opens when someone accesses your website from the mobile. Eventually you can direct them to your mobile site after a few seconds and get the mobile site to open which can have an or you can direct them to the actual site which will be design compatible to every resolution. Mobile Store Design has become mandatory considering the need of the hour for the designs to be accessible for users having mobiles and other PDAs. Keep your design current trend friendly and let more people come to your website.

Deal of the Day design

Create a Deal of The Day feature, It helps you to grab customer’s attention.

Nothing beats as efficiently for marketing like that of the offers and deals that you can offer your customers. But mind you; the design has got to be unique and it has to represent what you are deal or offer you are trying to give to your customers. Generally, these designs are minimal and have lots of flashy and eye-catching material. gives you the perfect combination of design and class that is needed for your design to shine on when your website opens up. Such designs pop-up on the website or on the Mobiles / Devices and after sustaining for a few seconds simply blank out. Not only it is engaging, it is also user-friendly.

Clipping Path (30 images)

Need your product images to be worked on. Let us know.

As much as images are important, placing them properly so that they blend with your theme and design is equally important. It is very essential to understand that particular images are singled out and cut to fit on a transparent or white background. This is specifically necessary when you have eStore and there are images of your products and services that need to be put on the store page. design team has experts who know just the thing for clipping images in the right form and have it ready for your eStore page. Clipping Path images in vector is one of our specialties.

Contact Us Page Design

Place a feedback form on the Contact Us page.

Best part of the design world would be customizing your one page differently – the “Contact Us” page. The contact us page is considered to be the window of the website to the world. An attractive and a different looking page makes visitor to spend time on it just to contact you to get details. If you have a physical store, what better than having a map and store locator pointing to where your business is located. gives you a unique and exquisite design that helps and brings more customers to your website and open a channel of communication with you. Let your customers be pleasantly surprised by the way your Contact Us page stands out of the whole website.

Convert to Responsive

Only conversion of Non-responsive website to responsive retaining current design

If your website opens amazingly on the computer but you have not had the sight of how it will look in other devices – do not worry. Converting an existing website into responsive is one of and team’s specialty. We enable to convert you traditional website into a responsive template and make it appear crisp on other devices too. Converting websites to a responsive design is a very normal and considered to be one of the lucrative methods to make your website available to your customers. Customers can use any device – your website should be able to open in the right way on all of them.

404 Error Page Design

Customise 404 error page to make your estore look professional & manage navigation.

One of the most common problems is that of the 404 error cropping up on the pages. Considered to be one of the most online optimization techniques is to have a 404 page on your website. Even if someone accidentally types a wrong address or some page is unknowingly broken, a more user interactive and easy – to – understand 404 page needs to be displayed. Also, from the same page, it would be a healthier practice to direct to the home page. Internal linking too increases and the page can be used for directing wary users to the right location on the website.

Checkout Page Design

Create a check out to match your estore design.

The checkout page is the last page a customer goes through on your website. It can also be deemed as the one in which the customer’s mind can be changed. A lot of websites, prompt visitors to go through more of services and products based on their dynamic design. Checkout page’s design makes a huge impact on the customers / visitors and there are high chances that they turn back on to your website. helps you get such a checkout page designed and readied that is totally different and impactful from the rest of the website. Checkout pages are for customers to check out more of your products!

Landing Page Design

Customized theme based landing page

The concept of landing page was not well known until sometime back when the SEO industry and the experts opined about how landing page made huge impact on the way customers would come to the well optimized page that would lead them to the main website. The landing page is pertaining to the theme of the entire website but it’s a totally different from the structure of the website and has a singular button or after a definite time-gap is redirected towards the Main Website. Landing page design helps to attract more customers and plays to the better psychology of visitors who want to know more about the business that you are into.

Logo Design

Create a unique custom logo to represent your company, products & services, adding brand value.

Logo is considered to be the most effective part of any website. For marketing and branding also, logo has a long impact and remains much on the mind of the people who are looking for similar products and services. Logo designs are the ones that can be used as a marketing tool and creating a unique brand name based on the image. creates unique and different designs that becomes a name for your business. Based on the color of the logo is what your website is going to be – it’s quite obvious that your logo should show your business and also the design that you are using on the website.

Blogger Template Design

Blog through a customized design which matches your estore.

Any great website has a blog page that is integrated along with the main website. Blog – much like the landing page – is unique and different and is one place where you get a lot of unique content as there are different contributors. Different images and pictures also come on the website through the blogs. Naturally, the template of the blog has to be in sync with the entire website. The basic elements can be different but there are high chances that parts of the blogger template looks different from the entire website. Blog is a one on one interactive platform between your website and the customers of your business. It has got to be the best and chic.



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