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CAMA/GIS Integration


CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) systems help country governments to manage appraisal process of residential homes, commercial properties, mobile homes, etc. More than 140 GA counties utilize WINGAP (CAMA) software for property appraisal and there is no direct integration to ArcGIS that provides real time parcel information, GIS asset details, and interactive search for county maps.

The primary objective is to provide GIS spatial visibility into valuable information contained in the WINGAP database that includes owner, sales, real prop, and more that could be used by all departments and the public to make accurate decisions using real-time data. This solution integrated Wingap & GIS databases on the backend leveraging SQL Server Integration Services whereas GIS lookup screens could provide the latest information on sales, owner, and real prop data. This information would then be pushed out to the web for public use, which provides strength to the many commercial agencies that use the data and the residents.



Reduces foot traffic to county offices, Decrease in phone calls as information is available online, Saves IT resource time, Removal of manual errors in data mapping.


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