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Your Sales Partner

Arthur ‘Red’ Motley said that “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. Internet has made it easy and difficult. You have access to a lot more people, but at the same time sales has become impersonal.

We take pride that partnership and collaboration is the basis of our sales.

Sonline is your local partner in USA, Canada, UK & India. Our virtual sales team is ready to represent your products, services and we help you save countless dollars on Business Development / Travel expenses. We provide inbound marketing support, pre-sales assistance, and initial customer engagement till an opportunity is well qualified. We also take it end-to-end and close the deal and hand over the customer to your support organization.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve Sales!

Our Value

Are you providing IT Service or in Product Development?  Sonline helps to

  • Represent your organization in USA, UK, Canada & India markets
  • Provide Pre-Sales, customer engagement to qualify a lead
  • Save thousands of business development / marketing dollars
  • Participate in Trade shows and conferences and help towards new market penetration
  • Devise ‘Go To Market’ strategy for your products / service offerings

Are you a software development company in India? We

  • Bring opportunities to our partners who are in “Software Development / Integration” business
  • Request our partners for proposals in High Tech projects based out of USA / Europe


Innovation Workshop

Thomas Edison said ‘We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work’

We wear the hat of ‘Problem Solvers’ and look at customer challenges with empathy. Our innovation team works round the clock in devising better methods, automate processes, and integrate systems. We strongly believe that ‘Technology exists to enable business’ and not the other way around. We advise customers when they adapt newer systems and participate in their important ‘Build / Buy Decision’

Our specialties include

  • Mobile Application Development [iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows]
  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • Solution Integration
  • Business Intelligence / Data Mining / Dashboard Reporting
  • Agile Projects

Contact us today to devise innovative solutions to address your issues!

Our Value

Sonline is the ‘Right Choice’ as we

  • Provide cost effective solutions due to our global resource pool
  • Have proven expertise working with Fortune 500 firms and deliver on-time
  • Follow agile methodology [scrum framework] while working on customer projects
  • Develop solutions using the latest technology platforms
  • Walk the ‘extra mile’ to make sure you are 100% satisfied
  • Adapt automated Testing / Quality Assurance methods to reduce re-work
  • Timely reports and periodic updates to customers through out the life cycle of the project


Efficient Workforce

Amelia Earhart said ‘The most effective way to do it, is To Do IT!’

We believe in getting things done no matter what the challenges are. Our expert team has the tenacity and perseverance to overcome challenges and solve customer issues. We enable ‘collaboration across countries’ leveraging Internet and Time Difference to the most. Some of our USA customers experience ‘Zero Delay’ in the delivery as they submit a request just before the end of workday, only to receive the solution ‘First thing in the morning’!

Our policy is to ‘Thrill the customers’ and deliver nothing short of that. Our commitment to ‘customer delight’ goes a long way in establishing long term relationships. Our partner approach helps us to treat customer issues as our own and find creative ways to address them even if we have to ‘walk the extra mile’!

Contact us today to experience world-class service!

Our Value

Sonline provides ‘Highest ROI’ for service projects

  • Handled by efficient resources across the globe
  • We allocate the ‘Right team for the right job’ by leveraging the resource pool
  • Take advantage of the ‘Time Difference’ and delivering ‘Zero Delay’ service to USA customers
  • Our agile team is always ready to address customer needs in a short notice
  • Escalation processes in place to notify managers / customers in case of delays
  • ‘Customer Delight’ is our highest priority and not just a lip service

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